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This page is for products that we feel are absolute necessities for your Ski Doo sled. These items will make life easier and your sled that much better.
"NEW OLD-STOCK" Stud Boy Carbides (Round, Shaper, & Deuce Bars) All items are NEW Genuine Stud Boy Carbides. Priced to sell, In-Stock, and Ready to Ship!!! (Please verify that the MFG Part #...More Details »
GEARING CALCULATIONS Formula to Calculate MPH: RPM / GR x SC / 12 x 60 / 5280 = MPH @ 1:1 Clutch Ratio GR = Gear Ratio (Divide top sprocket into bottom sprocket) SC = Sprocket Circumference
Here are some of the model specific pages off of our old site. We are updating constantly so if you don't see your sled here, then check back soon.
Click here to find all of our items that are on clearance and some used parts as well. NO RETURNS ON ITEMS BOUGHT IN THIS SECTION. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
To find out which belt your sled requires, refer to the belt application guides in the Tech section of our website.
All sets of carbides are sold as a pair.
Here you'll find your suspension and chassis related parts.
Here you'll find sprockets, chains, hifax, idler wheels, etc.
Here you will find all engine parts EXCEPT pistons. Click the pistons section to view our pistons & kits.
Here you will find all of our fuel & intake products to make your sled run at it's peak performance.
Click here to get all your caliber trailer accessories for your long haul to help protect, load and unload your snowmobile easier. Visit their online configurator to get an idea of how it will look...More Details »
Click here to find crankshafts(Ski Doo only), Crank Seal Kits, and Isoflex grease.
Here you'll find all the information that you need about our cylinder exchange program.
You can find all the oil, lubes and fuel additives we offer here.
IT’S OFFICIAL, we're never satisfied! No matter how creative we are in our designs, we’re never satisfied. Racewerx is perfection. Racewerx is Style. Racewerx is Function. So go ahead, customize your ride Racewerx style
Here is where you'll find all of our available ski & bracket combinations.
MCB recommends replacing your driveshaft bearing and seals when replacing your track. This is critical when replacing your track to make sure your drivetrain is operating properly and reliably. We...More Details »
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