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Arctic Cat
Get your SLP exhaust for your Arctic Cat sled here.
Click here for all available helex's for all sleds.
Ski Doo
Get your SLP exhaust for your Ski Doo sled here.
Here is where you will find clutch pullers, alignment bars, TRA holders, spring compressors, etc. Any available tool to work on your clutch you will find here.
Get your clutch weights here. We have a decent selection of weights available.
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SLP Products

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Description: Lightweight Ceramic Coated Muffler saves weight and allows for easier access under the hood all while maintaining a low decibel, high performance sound.
Item #: 23429594
Condition: New
Limited Supply
2 in stock.
Price: $289.95

Description: This tool allows you to fine tune your MTX weights quickly and easily by setting or removing rivets. This tool is specifically designed for field use, but can be clamped in a vise for shop use. It...More Details »
Item #: 7251564
Condition: New
Not Available
Price: $54.95
Description: These are replacement rivets for your SLP MTX Clutch Weights. Rivets are machined to achieve specific weight tolerances and come in packages of 6. For quick and easy rivet installation and removal see the Rivet Set/ Removal tool.
Item #: 7251562
Condition: New
Price: $10.00

Description: The SLP Helix/Spring Shim helps maintain peak RPM riding at extreme elevations (8,000 ft. and above). This shim spaces the hub of the clutch in 0.070" which raises the spring pre-load and rate by 8...More Details »
Item #: 7251559
Condition: New
Price: $3.00

Description: Put the MUSCLE in your M7 by adding SLP Twin Pipes. These twins add 13 hp and 7.3 ft/lbs of torque at 8100 RPM. Through their design they provide a broad powerband with incredible low end and mid...More Details »
Item #: 7189809
Condition: New

Description: Replace worn Arctic Cat, Polaris, Lightning or MTX(TM) Clutch Weight Bushings to maintain the best performance. Reduce weight and roller wear due to worn bushings
Item #: 7251560
Condition: New

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