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Ski Doo TRA history 101 -TRA original cast sheaves straight levers small splaine narr belt -TRA 2 cast cheaves curved levers large spline -TRA 3 = REV forged sheaves 1-1/2" wide belt -TRA 4 = 1200 Four Stroke forged poor reliability and perf. -E-DRIVE = 1200 Four Stroke 2011 and later -TRA 5 = HD for Mach Z 1000 tapered shaft/gov cup good -TRA 6 = never existed, Ski Doo skipped over it -TRA 7 = XP 2008-current (excluding 850) scalloped lighter -P-drive 2017 and newer 850cc -Cushion drive refers to the cushion dampener that exist on all twins since mid to late 90's. Cushion drive significantly reduces wear on the splines (early design) and all the ramps, rollers, pucks and, o-rings.



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SNOWMOBILE - MCB Clutching - Primary Clutches / Drive Clutches
Click here to find available primary clutches including OEM Arctic Cat and Polaris.
SNOWMOBILE - MCB Clutching - Secondary Clutches / Driven Clutches
This page is dedicated to all secondary/driven clutches and clutch components related to the secondary/driven clutches
SNOWMOBILE - MCB Clutching - Tools
Tools (29)
Here is where you will find clutch pullers, alignment bars, TRA holders, spring compressors, etc. Any available tool to work on your clutch you will find here.
SNOWMOBILE - MCB Clutching - Primary & Secondary Clutch Rebuilds by MCB
Have MCB rebuild your primary/drive and/or secondary/driven clutches. Cost for... Primary/Drive Clutch Rebuild - $100.00 plus parts Secondary/Driven Clutch Rebuild - $50.00 plus parts. Please call to setup order and instructions.
SNOWMOBILE - MCB Clutching - Dalton Snowmobile Clutch Kits
Get your clutch kits here. We have a decent selection of Clutch kits available.