Q: I just purchased a set of pistons from you. What are the torque values for the cylinder and head on my snowmobile.

See Tech section for specific models. In general most snowmobiles with individual cylinder (non monblock motors) Cylinders = 22-24ft lbs and Head = 18-20 ft lbs. Monoblock motors 800xp, Mach Z 1000 and Polaris 800 IQ and Rush: Cylinders = 38 ft lbs, Head = 18-20 ft lbs.

Q: I need to order a new track for my sled. How do I know if I need a fully clipped track, a clipped every third track, or a closed every third window track?

The OEM’s have varied over the years in the types of tracks they put on the sleds relative to clip variation and window variation. Fully clipped tracks are only required on sleds that use extrovert drivers, meaning the drive sprockets on the drive shaft need to protrude through the window openings. Very few original sleds have these style drivers. These drivers are needed in high horsepower applications where the introvert style drivers tend to ratchet under hard acceleration. It’s okay to use a fully clipped track on any sled, but you are adding weight that is not necessary.

Q: Do I need any special tools to install my new clutch kit?

MCB recommends that you at minimum purchase a primary clutch puller to install a performance clutch kit.

Q: Will my new clutch kit give me more top end speed?

Typically no, but in some specific cases on certain models it will. The typical gain you will see when purchasing a new clutch kit is the snowmobile will accelerate faster, and it will backshift / downshift faster providing better performance in cornering ability and keeping the motor at the proper load so that it does not bog coming out of the corner.

It will not do any good to install a performance clutch kit in a worn out clutch.

Q: How do I know if my clutches are worn out?

See technical section and video of a worn out clutch and what to inspect.

Q: I just had my shocks rebuilt and when the snowmobile is sitting on the ground two to three inches of my suspension is being used just to hold the snowmobile up, why?

Because a snowmobiles suspension is coupled and is a two pivot style system it is very important that you inspect your snowmobiles suspension on a perfectly flat floor with no dollies under the track or ski’s. Any used snowmobile even with fresh shocks with have what we call “sag, or ride in”. Two to three inches is normal, remember you don’t hit bumps, you are driving over holes. The suspension needs to fall in the hole and fill the hole. If you’re suspension was fully taught when this happened you would be sent over the handlebars. Do yourself a favor and watch a Baja truck suspension in action. Ninty percent of the absorbtion is done in the suspension falling out and filling the hole!

Shipping & Returns

Q: Customer Returns

If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase after receiving your item, you may return the item(s) within 7 days of receiving your order or a refund of your costs as long as the merchandise is in fully resalable condition (no damage, no stains, no wear and tear)

All returns must have its original packaging with freight prepaid and insured. All returns will be assessed the industry standard 15 % restocking fee. Returns must be made within 15 days of "Return Authorization" date.

Any returns must be noted with a full description on the front of the manifest or bill of lading in order to be recognized as valid. Prior to any returns, customer must contact MCB Performance at 810-395-7162.

Q: Delivery Times

"In-Stock" items usually take between 2 to 7 days.

Occasionally, items shown to be in stock or available get pre-sold, in this case, you will be sent a email notification that your item is on backorder. You have the option to continue to wait for that item, cancel your order for a full refund, or select a different item to order.

Q: Shipping Damage

In the event that your product arrives damaged from the freight company, you immediately write down any and all "EXCEPTIONS" on the Delivery Receipt. Please do this prior to the carrier leaving. Our freight is insured and you have every right to file a freight claim with the carrier if they did not handle your products properly. If you see visible damage to the cartons or the product, you can choose to (1) keep the product and file a claim (ask for a claim form from the driver), or (2) refuse the product and have it sent back to us. It is best to document any problems with a digital camera if possible.

VERY IMPORTANT!! Please try to inspect each piece of furniture thoroughly for damage prior to signing the delivery receipt. Once you are completely satisfied there is no damage, then sign the delivery receipt which releases the delivery company and MCB Performance from all damage claims.

If the delivery driver does not allow you to inspect each piece, please note on the delivery receipt the following statement. POSSIBLE CONCEALED DAMAGE. THE DELIVERY DRIVER WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO EXAMINE EACH BOX FOR INSPECTION and then sign where required. If these terms are not followed we cannot be liable for any replacements or refunds.

Our excellent packaging and shipping experience reduces the chances of damage. However, in the event of damage please save all original packaging and notify us and the shipping company immediately. Damages to items shipped must be noted on the delivery receipt and reported to us immediately. Concealed damage must be reported to us and the shipper within 5 days of arrival.

Pictures are required in the event of hidden damage. If there are partial damages or shortages, accept the good items and list damages/shortages on the delivery receipt. If the product is refused and damage is noted on the delivery receipt; we will send a replacement to correct the problem, or issue a pickup to replace the product at our discretion.

Q: Disclaimer of Liability

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