We have put together the Best Stage 3 Kits for the KTM SX85 / Husqvarna TC85 / GasGas MC85 bikes. This Kit will get you back up and ready to race at the Local track. We use only the highest quality parts in this kit.  Here is what you get in this Kit : 

COMPLETE ENGINE REBUILD KIT for 2018-23 ONLY!!! If you have a 2013-17 you need SKU# MCB only offers what we have tested and proven on this model. Any of the options we give you are of the highest quality parts available for this model bike.

- Premium German engineered MCB/Wossner crankshaft.
- Forged crankshaft, Forged and Shot Peened connecting rod.
- Slightly lighter weight than OEM with improved strengthened connecting rod and overall durability.
- Bushed wrist pin end with additional oil grooves.
- Premium lower end connecting rod roller bearing.(optional OEM KTM crankshaft at checkout)
- All OEM KTM main crank bearings
- Full engine gasket set with oil seals. Gasket kit comes with 4 different base gasket thicknesses to set proper quench.
- OEM KTM or Premium Wossner forged piston optional at checkout, both are single ring. Both are sized to the cylinder being supplied.
- Pistons come with rings, wrist pin, wrist pin bearing and circlips.
- Optional new KTM cylinder or Premium German made MCB/Wossner cylinder. When choosing the OEM new cylinder it automatically comes with the OEM KTM piston. Default option is a OEM remanufactured cylinder nikasil plated to within OEM
- The $919.95 price shown is with OEM remanufactured cylinder, Premium MCB/Wossner crank and Wossner Piston (choose options at checkout)

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