MCB Pro-Series Polaris Engines

MCB PERFORMANCE Has a state of the art engine rebuild facility and capabilities that have always included the Polaris / Polaris Pro-Star 800/900/925 AND 1000 ENGINES! Polaris has continued to lead the way in the SxS world with the RZR and Ranger models. These motors see severe use and can fail or prematurely wear for many reasons. MCB has taken the time to assemble what we feel is a superior quality list of engine components used in our DIY kits and now our in-house engine builds. Our process starts with complete disassembly and inspection of the customers engine to help each customer try to identify and hopefully eliminate any potential repeat failure (I.E. WATER INFILTRATION, OVERHEATING, DIRT INGESTION, ETC.). After blasting and ultrasonic cleaning all reused components (CRANKCASES, CAMSHAFTS, CORE HEAD, ETC.) are then gauged with absolute precision to verify OE or better specification. See our website for a completely detailed breakdown of our process, quality control and photos of our engine build room and the motors being processed.

Building the motor yourself? MCB offers individual pieces from a simple gasket set to Stage 5 complete engine rebuild kit, customized to your needs, riding style and conditions. Some of our hot products are the custom MCB forged pistons for the 900 & 1000. These pistons are unique from most other off the shelf pistons. Box forgings with external pin bosses and increased oiling are just a few of the things we do to address certain short comings we have seen here at MCB Our 800cc custom MCB H.O. cam features proprietary lift, duration and timing that gives the 800 much needed HP output, not to mention it’s one of the few Parkerized camshafts on the market for 800 motor.

In addition to engine parts MCB sells……..

  • Super ATV
  • Pro Armor
  • Sedona / GBC / Maxxis / ITP / MSA & Raceline wheels and tires
  • Open Trail plows and Windshields
  • Seizmik
  • Beard
  • All Balls half shafts and bearing kits
  • Spike
  • ModQuad
  • Maxima Lubricant
  • FMF / MBRP / Pro-circuit / HMF / DRD & Yoshimura exhaust
  • Corbin and DUX plug and play lighting / street legal lighting
  • Starting Line Products
  • Dalton Clutch kits
  • Power Commander
  • EPI ( Erlandson Performance )