In the continuing development of our pistons, one of the
things we were not happy with was the durability of the skirt coatings.  We have witnessed this coating come off on fresh
rebuilds with very little time put on the motor. This leaves the piston skirt
susceptible to damage as a result of several possibilities during warm up and
normal operation. Working with a coating leader we have found a coating that
not only last, but changes the way two stroke snowmobile engines are built. Our
coating is applied to a thickness that creates a minor interference fit to the
cylinder. This is done by design for the following reasons and results.


Upon initial start up the coating interference
burnishes itself in, to create its own tolerance, shape, and perfect match to
the given bore.

When the burnishing process is completed, the coating
maintains an ideal oil film to reduce friction and protect the piston to bore

The operating clearance is reduced to an absolute minimum,
having less piston slap, and making the motor quieter.

The closer tolerance motor creates a more efficient
pumping action of the two stroke design, creating a better fuel charge and more
efficient and powerful motor.

The durability and bonding strength of this new coating
is unmatched by any coatings we have even seen. This means the coating will
always be in place to protect against any potential cold seizure issues,
ingestion of foreign debris, water, or snow dust which in most cases would wash
down or scare a bare aluminum skirt, creating even less ring seal and loss of


Our MCB dual ring pistons continue to prove themselves with
the majority of owners switching from single to DUAL RING everyday. This new
coating, along with the many other advantages our dual ring design offers,
makes this an even further separation in leading performance from the


Also new for the 2010 – 2011 season. MCB is offering the
addition of oiling holes on the 2001-2007 Ski Doo 800 (793cc) Generation 3
motor pistons. These oiling holes provide better lubrication and therefore
cooling to the critical intake and exhaust bridges where the piston tends to
run the hottest. These new oiling holes combined with our new coating, and
proven dual ring advantages make this the best piston money can buy for the Ski
Doo 800! With these improvements MCB now offers a limited warranty on all our
exclusive dual ring designed pistons!