For Ski Doo Models 600HO, 800 Non HO and HO and 800-R models MCB offers industry leading Dual Ring piston design. Original equipment on these models is a single ring design; these single ring designs experience some reliability issues. Our dual ring design is a proven fix for considerable reliability improvements over the stock design. These dual ring pistons are sold and used all around the world from trail riders, to hill climb racers, water cross racers, etc. etc. etc….The advantages are:

  • More effective heat dissipation from the piston due to the dual ring lands.
  • Improved overall ring seal for complete combustion.
  • Considerably less power fade due to heat soak.
  • Reduces backfire that is sometimes seen after shutting the sled off.
  • Reduces the need to open the throttle at warm start up.
  • Dual rings stabilize the piston within the cylinder more effectively reducing piston slap and skirt wear.
  • The pistons ability to dissipate heat more effectively reduces the possibility of detonation caused by heat, low octane, ethanol, overall poor fuel quality.
  • Our rings are Alloy steel, ferrox coated chrome faced.
  • Pistons are hypereutectic cast, high silica content for proper hardness and less prone to cold seizure.
  • All pistons have MOS2 (Teflon-molybdenum) coated skirts, and HRB-105 hard anodized

Individual Piston kits include: One Piston, Two rings, Wrist pin, and wrist pin circlips. $125.00 each

Complete piston kits include: Two pistons, four rings, two wrist pins, four circlips, two caged needle bearings, and a complete top end gasket set for $299.00 Retail. All complete kits include a full set of instructions for installation and ring end gap, cylinder wall clearance specifications.

Applications for Dual Ring include…

  • 2003-2007 600HO models carb and SDI 72mm bore (all)
  • 2001-2007 800 non HO and HO motors 793cc, 82mm bore (all).
  • 2007-2010 800-R mono block motors