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Description: Precision machined billet aluminum progressive cut compound angle driven clutch helex for the reverse cam style clutch.
Item #: 7254228
Condition: New
Price: $45.00

Description: Original Equipment - die cast aluminum
Item #: 7254193
Condition: New

Description: Precision CNC machined billet aluminum Arctic reverse cam driven cam. All compound angles are progressive cut.
Item #: 7254192
Condition: New
Price: $69.00

Description: The SLP Helix/Spring Shim helps maintain peak RPM riding at extreme elevations (8,000 ft. and above). This shim spaces the hub of the clutch in 0.070" which raises the spring pre-load and rate by 8...More Details »
Item #: 7251559
Condition: New
Price: $3.00

Description: These helixes are for TSS-04 Rapid Reaction(TM) Secondary Clutches. Helixes designated with an S are straight angle, those with an F are full progressive and those with a .33, or .36 or .46 are...More Details »
Item #: 7251016
Condition: New
Price: $100.00

Description: All listed helixes utilize a reverse cut and typically pull 14? higher helix angle than TEAM TSS04 clutch. ** F Stands for Full Progressive
Item #: 7251019
Condition: New
Price: $110.00

Items 1-6 of 6