MCB Performance - PERFORMANCE STAGES - 98 - 00 XC 700

Polaris XC 700/ PRO X  VES/ RMK/ SKS 1997-05 - PERFORMANCE STAGES - 98 - 00 XC 700
Any of these three stages listed will not only add sled lengths and improve performance, but will also remove that common "bog", that most XC 700's have. At checkout you must specify which year 700 you own, as components do vary. These kits clean up the low speed fuel circuit, which provide cleaner and crisper throttle response. The jetting changes richen the mid-rang fuel circuit for added reliability against burn down, in the area where these 700's are lean from the factory. The clutching changes and V Force Reeds provide much more aggressive low end and mid range acceleration. This kit makes the motor run at slower RPM's at cruising speeds with improved fuel mileage, clutch engagement is 4200 RPM and max shift is 7800-8000 depending on the year and cylinders that your specific model has (824/ 220). For additional top end speed, twin pipes must be added. **NOTE** On the XC 700 cylinders, if the last three digits of the serial number end in "824", the sled will not run as fast in the midrange and top end as those that end in "220". This is due to porting changes that Polaris made in mid 1998. "220" cylinders are only found on 1997 and early models.

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Description: Includes boost bottle, two new Main Jets, two Pilot Jets, two Custom needles, Modified slides, complete instructions and tuning tips. Provides a crisp low end and throttle response and eliminates the "popping" (backfire) at startup.
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MCB - Stage 2 - MCB Clutch kit and Stage 1 package
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Description: Includes Stage 1 package and an MCB Performance Clutch Kit. Clutch Kit includes a progressive helix, primary and secondary springs, teflon buttons, bushed and balanced weights (for 220 cylinder...More Details »
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