MCB Performance - MCB RECOMMENDATIONS - 02-05 XC 700/ PRO X VES Models

Polaris XC 700/ PRO X  VES/ RMK/ SKS 1997-05 - MCB RECOMMENDATIONS - 02-05 XC 700/ PRO X VES Models
Here are some highly recommended products for your sled.

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MCB - MCB Clutch Kit
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Description: Excellent upshift & backshift characteristics.
Item #: 7758749
Condition: New
Price: $219.95

Description: The SLP High Flow(TM) Air Horn converts the top of your airbox to increase intake air velocity. This kit delivers more available air volume into the airbox improving atomization efficiency of fuel...More Details »
Item #: 7758747
Condition: New

Description: Eliminate air intake restrictions by installing the Flow-Rite(TM) into the dash for more airbox feed. The Flow-Rite(TM) is supplied with a powder snow pre-filter that repels snow and water, yet...More Details »
Item #: 7758748
Condition: New

Description: SLP once again sets the standard of performance in the 700 single pipe class. Utilizing the latest SLP innovations, this pipe provides an additional 11 1/2 horsepower peak (at 8000 RPM). As an...More Details »
Item #: 7758746
Condition: New
Not Available
Description: SLP in conjunction with TEAM Industries is proud to announce the most advanced driven clutch in the snowmobile industry. The TEAM Tied Driven Clutch is an improvement from the TSS-04, in that the...More Details »
Item #: 7758755
Condition: New
Price: $374.00

Items 1-5 of 5