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All stud prices include the nut with the stud. These packages are sold with stud AND nut.

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Description: The conical shaped stud with a thick shank works great on hard-pack snow and ice. The sharp 60? carbide tip maintains its sharpness for reliable traction when you're on the trail. If you're not...More Details »
Item #: 7341092
Condition: New
Price: $169.00

Description: You must use the Grand Master stud if you have a single ply track. Contact your dealer to determine if you have a single ply track. Woody's Grand Master with a larger 1.200" head provides a larger...More Details »
Item #: 7341089
Condition: New

Description: The unique design of four flat sides on the penetration portion of the tough 5/16" shank provides additional contact surface for added acceleration, deceleration and directional control under...More Details »
Item #: 7341094
Condition: New

Description: Woody's combines the advantages of stainless steel with their performance proven designs at a competitive price! The high corrosion resistance allows you to use the Signature Series(TM) in rigorous...More Details »
Item #: 7341096
Condition: New

Items 1-4 of 4