MCB Performance - Ryde FX Air 2.0 Shocks - Polaris ONLY

Ryde FX - Ryde FX Air 2.0 Shocks - Polaris ONLY
Super Finished Chrome Rod: ■ Finish reduces seal friction by 33% compared to hard anodized aluminum coatings. Reduction in seal friction contributes to “plushness” in ride quality during initial stages of shock stroke. ■ Superior surface finish which is smoother than hard coat anodizing provides for longer seal life. The hard coating of chrome is also more resistant to pitting and corrosion. ■ Greater resistance to damage due to its hard chrome finish which has 1.5 times harder surface finish than compared to hard coat anodization. ■ One Piece Extruded Aluminum Cylinder: Combines solid strength, greater gas retention and light weight performance. ■ Hardened Clear Anodizing: Superior corrosion resistance and reduced surface wear ■ Integrated Ice Scraper Technology: within the cylinder head assembly, keeps ice off the rod, which prevents moisture from entering the shock and contaminating the oil. ■ U cup Seal: Increased sealing area as result of energized seal lip pressure that is proportionate to increases in shock pressure. ■ Teflon DU Bearing: Durable self lubricated bearing that has a relatively thin load bearing layer with a consistent low friction coefficient over its life. ■ Main 47mm Piston:Steam treated High flow piston which allows for large oil volumes to be regulated through valving. ■ Dual Rate IFP Gas Spring Chambers: ■ 47 mm aluminum cylinder IFP gas chamber: Can be set in a range of approximately 50 -100 psi to allow for an initial lower “spring” rate of approximately 1 – 1.5” of shock stroke. ■ 37mm rod cylinder IFS gas chamber: Can be set in a range of approximately 120-220 psi to allow for a stiffer “spring” rate that controls the remaining travel in shock stroke along with acting as an anti bottoming mechanism as gas pressure significantly ramps up towards end of shock stroke. ■ Nitrogen Gas Charge: Inert gas that is less susceptible to barometric pressure change due to variations in temperature along with greater gas retention.
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