MCB Performance - Ryde FX 9200 Shocks

Ryde FX - Ryde FX 9200 Shocks
One Piece extruded Aluminum Cylinder: combines solid strength, greater gas retention and light weight performance ? Anodized Aluminum Body: for superior corrosion resistance ? Microcellular urethane bumper: stays soft even in extreme conditions to prevent hard bottoming.* ? Integrated Ice Scraper: within the cylinder head assembly keeps ice off the rod, which prevents moisture from entering the shock and contaminating the oil. ? Large Diameter IFP O-Ring: increases the allowance of higher gas pressure without compromising the seal for the separation of gas and oil mixing with one another. ? Teflon Piston and IFP Wear Bands: prevents scoring of cylinder, as well as providing long life consistency in damping. ? Super Finished 1/2" Chrome Rod: provides not only an improved surface finish for longer seal life but a thicker coating of chrome that is resistant to pitting and corrosion. * Where applicable. Primarily used on IFS shock applications

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