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Patented Low Fade Orifice Carrier Piston: Provides a seamless transition from a smooth low speed ride, to firm, well-controlled high speed handling ■ Gas Cell: Low pressure gas cell eliminates...More Details »
Compression Screw Adjust: 300% range of adjustability developed to suit the individual rider and to adapt to changing conditions ■ Anodized Aluminum Body: Superior corrosion resistance,...More Details »
One Piece extruded Aluminum Cylinder: combines solid strength, greater gas retention and light weight performance ■ Anodized Aluminum Body: for superior corrosion resistance ■ Microcellular...More Details »
Super Finished Chrome Rod: ■ Finish reduces seal friction by 33% compared to hard anodized aluminum coatings. Reduction in seal friction contributes to “plushness” in ride quality during...More Details »